Our design and manufacturing process is ISO 13485 certified. This ensures that the highest standards of compliance are applied at all stages of product development.

Project Phases


We justify the commercial and technical viability of each project by undertaking a detailed analysis of all the factors that contribute to the development of a successful product.


We can call on our award-winning team of industrial designers, UI experts, usability specialists and engineers to contribute their expertise to the development of innovative design concepts.

Engineering Development

Next, the selected design undergoes a rigorous engineering phase to ensure its suitability for manufacture and maximise the product’s functionality and performance.


“The guys at Shore Design listened to what we wanted to achieve. They took time to understand our environment and came up with suggestions and ideas that helped us design, develop and market a very successful product.”

Director – Qspine Ltd

Design Verification

The transition from design to final product takes a further step forward as prototypes and product level components are used to verify that all requirements can be met.

Design Transfer

Working closely with the supply chain, we establish a process that can be fully validated, ensuring a full record of the project is detailed in the DHF, DMR and regulatory submissions.

Product Supply

In addition to design, we supply medical products to many clients. Here, the same exacting standards are applied in supply chain management and GMP and ISO 13485 compliance

It’s all about dialogue and collaboration. We listen to what our clients want and provide the service they need – support for a single phase of a project or the delivery of a commercially viable product.

Medical Design: