All projects are delivered through our ISO certified processes and procedures. We have extensive cross-sector experience and a multi-disciplinary team which excels in design, engineering, human factors and regulatory compliance.

Sectors we design for:


We ensure our clients stay ahead of their competitors by building innovative consumer products that drive consumer demand.


Intuitive design coupled with uncompromising reliability define products that protect users in extreme and often dangerous environments.


We design advanced and resilient products that meet stringent quality standards and can withstand deployment in the harshest conditions.


“Huge TFT touchscreen and impressive app makes monitoring and controlling every radiator in your home a breeze”

T3 Magazine


It takes the correct balance of design and functionality to deliver products for home, office and outdoors that set the standard for others to follow.


Projects for our aviation clients pose the additional design challenge of minimising weight, volume and footprint, while delivering exceptional product performance and simple installation.


Close collaboration with our clients is instrumental in developing products that exceed the toughest specifications and keep the wheels of industry moving.

“We’ve developed a strong and robust partnership with Shore that has helped develop a high quality suite of products that stand out in the market place in terms of a modern & customer friendly design.”

Technical Director – National Grid

Product Design: