Every project has its unique challenges and that’s what makes our work so rewarding. We are focused on developing bespoke solutions – at Shore, one size does not fit all.

Our ISO certified approach is divided into six specific phases of work.

Research and Strategy

We use proven methodologies to identify the critical factors that define the final product. Findings from feasibility studies, workflow analysis, trend investigations and user studies combine to develop the strategic pathways required to confirm design requirements.

Concept Design

What will it look like? How will it be used? How will it work? And how will it be made? Intelligent conceptual design answers these and many other searching questions to create products that deliver a great user experience and long-term commercial success.

Engineering Development

Our engineers play a crucial role in the ISO certified design process. Working side by side with our designers, their skills ensure our products don’t just look impressive, but are robust, intuitive and can be manufactured to the required standards.


“As a result of our collaboration with Shore we increased our desktop market share to 22.4%, a year on year growth of 53.1% – making us the number one PC manufacturer in the European consumer desktop market.”

European Sales & Marketing Director – Packard Bell

Prototyping and Testing

This key phase focuses on verifying our design solutions. We build high quality appearance models for user trials and injection moulded assemblies which ratify the 3 Fs – fit, form and function – ahead of full production release.

Manufacturing Set-up

The successful transition from design to production is often complex as the concept becomes an exciting reality. Our extensive experience in tooling support, production set-up and process validation ensures this runs smoothly.

Product Supply

Many customers ask us to manage the manufacturing phase on their behalf and take responsibility for supplying the final product. As product supply is built into the scope of our ISO quality systems, we’re delighted to do so.

With experience comes the ability to be creative and innovative in finding a solution that’s right for each project – and the confidence to challenge convention.

Product Design: