We partner leading companies from around the world to offer both customisable platforms and bespoke solutions for a wide spectrum of therapies and user groups.


Training devices for autoinjectors and syringe-based systems enable users to experience the force, speed, feel and sound of the product safely before the actual injection is administered.

Drug Preparation

Our training and assistive systems help HCPs and patients execute novel drug preparation procedures correctly, resulting in the effective administration of new treatments.

Nasal & Respiratory Delivery

Nasal spray and inhaler trainers help the patient master more complex user actions, addressing issues such as how to position the device correctly, activation force and inhalation timing and resistance.

Needle Safety

Our training products simulate the feel and appearance of the finished device and allow HCPs and patients to experience functions including plunger and glide force and needle shield actuation.

Patient Controlled Injection

These trainers are designed to replicate glide force and resistance and help users familiarise themselves with the feel, sound, force and speed experienced when administering the actual injection.

HCP Training

We involve our clients in the development of training resources that not only help patients, but also advise HCPs on how treatments should be administered correctly.

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