We are the preferred design partner to some of the world’s leading medical and pharmaceutical companies. Here are some of the projects we have delivered for our customers.


Connected Dial & Dose Pen

In this flexible addition to the SmartPilot family, we transformed the successful dial-and-dose UnoPen into an intuitive, fully connected system. Critical design challenges were to integrate the core technology whilst improving the overall injection experience. A 2021 Red Dot winner for high design quality, SmartPilot delivers enhanced safety and adherence, enabling positive user feedback and advanced therapy guidance. 


Smart Glucose Meter

In this full-service project, we were responsible for the design of the device, engineering and UX development. The interface features a Blood Sugar Mentor which displays on-screen meter patterns and provides users with valuable insights and real-time data to help them monitor their condition.

Mode Diagnostics

Bowel Health Testing Kit

Our role often extends beyond the look and functionality of a product. In this project, the user experience is improved not only by the quality of the device but through the attractive packaging and easy to follow IFU – all designed to make home testing a less daunting experience.


Connected Injection Device

From the outset Shore worked closely with the client’s engineering team to understand the technical requirements and constraints. This collaboration proved instrumental in the development of the final design which packages the core technology in an efficient form factor and optimises the user interface, transforming a standard auto-injector platform device into a connected system.


Nasal Delivery Device

Showcasing the strengths of our combined design and engineering team, this full service project saw us successfully customise a platform drug delivery device to meet the commercial launch objectives of the client. Our innovative solution enhances the usability of the device, whilst ensuring no impact to the core functional elements of the platform technology.


Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Designing devices for home use presents the challenge of building a product that’s medically accurate and can be clinically validated, with the additional task of making sure it’s attractive to the eye and easy to use. This stylish monitor ticks all these boxes, setting the standard in personal healthcare management.


Patient Controlled Injector

This platform injection device enables patients with limited manual dexterity and impaired eyesight to self-administer their medication successfully. We were responsible for design and engineering development, creating a product that is easy to use and particularly suited to dispensing large molecule and high viscosity drugs.


Glucose Meter for Emerging Markets

This product is designed to make self-monitoring simple and understandable to millions of diabetics living in developing countries. With no buttons or complex set up requirements, the monitor is easy to use for people of all ages.


YpsoDose Large Volume Patch Injector

Taking an existing product technology as a starting point, we carried out a redesign of product architecture and external elements to optimise size, usability and aesthetics. In parallel to this we were also able to identify solutions that enabled increased branding and label space, without any compromise to the product. The result is a state-of-the-art wearable injector which has been commended for its intuitive design and function.


Spinal Implant

Our knowledge of advanced engineering materials and dynamic finite elements analysis enabled us to produce this ground-breaking component. With minimal part count and exceptional mechanical performance, the instrument makes the implantation of SMS devices a safe and simple procedure.


Self-Injection Aid

This product, developed as part of the launch of a new biologic treatment for the Japanese market, improves the user experience for patients with rheumatoid arthritis when compared to a standard needle safety syringe. We were responsible for managing the entire process which took just nine months from initial concepts to manufacture and delivery.


Wireless ECG

Demonstrating our considerable design and technology expertise, we created the world’s first patch and wire-free ECG device. We developed a product architecture that contains the sensors and electronics in a comfortable and stylish form factor. And because the design is reliable and robust – and splash and rain resistant too – the product is ideal for everyday use.

West Pharma

Large Volume Wearable Injector

This project required our specialist expertise in engineering and mechanism design, test-fixture design and protocols. Working in collaboration with the client and product manufacturer, we fulfilled the role of Technical Assessor to identify, analyse and implement changes to the device and cartridge interface which were designed to optimise performance.

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